Top Facts About PRP Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a very common procedure that supports softer tissue recoveries. With a very long history of application, this technique is mainly used to treat hair losses or skin issues. With the treatment being completely safe and non-evasive, there are few facts you should know if you are eyeing to opt for this treatment.

PRP therapy associates with your blood

Though it sounds scary, it is not. You need to provide 30ml of your blood to begin the therapy. The sample is then centrifuged for about 12 minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma from your blood. The surgeon then injects these platelets in specific areas of your affected regions.

PRP initiates hair growth

This is a very effective method to combat increased hair losses. The platelets that are separated from your blood are injected into your scalp, in the regions of lesser hair. These injections stimulate your natural hair growth. There might be cases where multiple injections would be required but even those scenarios are completely safe. With your blood being used in the process, there are no troubles of infections.

PRP can cause a little discomfort

These discomforts are common during the beginning of the therapies. If the issues persist, the doctors will take a special look into them. There can be an anaesthetic injection put to you to lessen the pain.

PRP treatment is ideal for both men and women

Hair loss and skin issues are prevalent in both men and women and this treatment is hence, ideal for treating problems for both genders. These therapies are also the best yielding when you are in the very first stage of experiencing hair losses or facing the onset of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. These are also helpful in cases where you are witnessing hair thinning symptoms. There are avenues where you can combine the PRP therapies with others to get the best results.

Cases of hair transplants may still arise

PRP therapy is not a therapy to replace your chances of hair transplants. There might be cases where your hair responds pretty well to the treatments and those omit the transplant probabilities. But there might also arise situations where you have to combine both the treatments to idealize your hair regrowth.

The experts from Clinicare will analyze your entire case and only then will suggest the best ways for treatments. Your entire medical case history will be studied before recommending PRP treatment.

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