Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattooing: What’s the Difference? 

Microblading is a popular cosmetic procedure used to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows. This semi-permanent tattooing technique involves the use of small, fine-point needles that scratch the surface of the skin to deposit pigment. The result is realistic-looking brow hairs that won’t wash off. 

Although there are several similarities, this technique is not the same as eyebrow tattooing. Before deciding which service best suits your needs, learn more about how each option can improve the look of your brows.

Application Techniques

One of the biggest differences between these two techniques is how the eyebrows are filled in with color. 

Eyebrow tattooing involves the use of a tattoo gun. The artist attaches a tattoo needle supplied with ink to a tattoo gun which is then connected to a power source. When the machine is turned on, the needle moves at a fast rate of speed to repeatedly penetrate the skin in rapid tapping motions to push the ink into the dermis layer of skin.

With microblading, each fine hair is hand-drawn, often leading to greater precision and realism. Instead of the brow hairs appearing “drawn on” and flat, the hair-like strokes look identical to the client’s natural hair growth pattern and surrounding eyebrow hairs.

Ink Colors

Eyebrow tattooing uses the same type of ink as a normal tattoo. Over time, tattoo ink tends to fade and blank ink often develops a blue-green colored tint. This discoloration may occur around the edges of the tattoo or may affect the whole tattoo. When the color fades and discolors, it can make the eyebrows look odd and unnatural.

Microblading uses a specialized micropigment ink that differs from traditional tattoo ink. The ink is usually darker directly after the initial application and gradually fades over a few days until it reaches a natural-looking hue. Unlike tattoo ink, black inks will not turn blue or brown and will remain their original hue.

Lifespan of Eyebrow Color

Like any tattoo, eyebrow tattoos last forever. This might not be a problem if you are certain that you want to keep the same eyebrow fullness and shape for the rest of your life. However, eyebrow trends tend to change over the years and you may not like your tattoo in years to come. However, it is common for tattoo ink to slightly fade over time.

The other option lasts for an average of one to two years. The semi-permanent nature of this technique allows clients to change their look over time as new trends arise. Clients can also undergo annual “touch-ups” or “color boosts” to ensure that their eyebrows continue to look full and natural.

The idea of permanent makeup can sound scary, but the results are often astounding. Before undergoing any type of eyebrow service, be sure to carefully weigh your options and consider the differences in these popular techniques. 

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