Best Medical Advancement for Treating Ankle Injuries – Stem Cell Therapy

Ankle injuries can be painful and occurs at any age. Though their occurrence is common among those who are actively involved in sports, doing something as trivial as walking on an uneven surface could result in ankle sprain. Aging is also a reason for wear and tear of tendon. About 25,000 US people sprain their ankle every day. The common ankle injuries are strain, sprain and fracture.

Who are more prone to ankle injuries?

  • People involved in sports
  • Those with balance problems
  • Wearing high heels
  • Wearing shoes that don’t fit well
  • Stiffness of ankles due to previous injury


Seek medical attention:

Inflammation of the ankle results in swelling/ bruising, pain, redness, a feeling of warmth, instability and trouble walking. Waiting too long to consult a doctor may make the condition worse and require surgery. Contact a podiatrist if the pain doesn’t subside within 5 days even after taking pain medication or if the pain makes it very difficult to walk.


Severe pain can be due to severe inflammation of tendon or ankle fracture. If you are looking for a medical consultation in Irvine for tendonitis or any ankle injury, contact Podiatrist in Irvine. They have over 20 years experience in podiatry and make use of updated treatment methods. They follow technologically-advanced means to help you get rid of ankle pain.

They specialize in stem cell therapy for treating acute, chronic, muscular, skeletal and joint injuries. Surgeries are no more the last resort for injuries. This therapy is a welcome, safe, cost-effective and non-invasive alternative to surgeries. It is a pretty straightforward one with many advantages.

Introduction to stem cell therapy:

The therapy harnesses the healing power of our human body to deal with injuries. It employs a person’s stem cells to cure injury. Our stem cells have the power to build every tissue in the body. The repair response of an injured or dysfunctional tissue is the basis of stem cell therapy.

How is the therapy done?

The medical practitioner draws blood sample from a particular body part to extract stem cells. These stem cells are injected into the injured ankle where they start replicating and gradually flourish. The surrounding cells mimic stem cells making healing possible. The resulting anti-inflammatory effect reduces pain.

The injection contains hyaluronic acid that lubricates joints and tendons thereby restoring mobility. Most patients who underwent this therapy have found it to be pain-free. This significant advancement in regenerative treatment is currently very popular in treating injuries. Before this therapy was introduced, surgery was the conservative treatment used.

Other benefits:

  • Ease symptoms related to chronic disease
  • Controls weight
  • Improved sleep
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improved flexibility of joints and discs

This therapy has been hailed by people since it eliminates the complications associated with surgeries. There is no need for hospitalization, no recovery-time, no risk of anesthesia and infections. If your doctor has recommended stem cell therapy for you, go ahead without second thoughts. A single session would usually suffice and yield good results.

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